(Overcoming Materialism Through Conscious Thinking)

(A new way of thinking for a better world)

(A realistic method to get less materialistic)


(Overcoming the materialistic thinking through understanding and living according to the principles of the Conscious Thinking. A proven manner of thinking to ensure a better world, a way to find Spirituality in your daily lives.)




Our actions are greatly influenced by the way we think, our livings philosophy. In our modern western society is this philosophy for about 90% materialistic. This is the driving force behind our thriving society but unfortunately, it does have its negative side, namely stress in all its forms, the modern plagues of milieu destruction, rampant criminality and many more of the same ilk which threaten our happiness and well-being.


In order to explain what I mean by "The Conscious Thinking" I will have to explain what I mean by a "Normal Realistic Livings Philosophy"


I place here reality opposite materialism. The materialist holds a vision of the possibility that death is the end.

The realist keeps all options open, death might just not be the end but the beginning of life even if only in another form.

He lives is life thus in a manner which accepts this premise but is open for the possibility that the materialist might just possibly be right in his conviction that there is nothing more after death.

Because the materialist is convinced that he has nothing to look forward to after death he is determined to make the most of his time here, taking advantage of all the material pleasures that this life has to offer. He lives according to the rule; "Enjoy what life gives and let tomorrow take care of itself" He does not feel responsible for the results that his actions might have on the world around him or on the people who share this world with him.


The most people today are materialists whether they are conscious of this or not. Many Scientists and Intellectuals consciously choose to be materialists but there has never been a Scientist who could prove, without a doubt, that there is no life after death.


Many people dare not face the question, "What happens to my spirit when I die, where does it go, what happens to my will power, my creativity, my ability to think?"

If you ask the Materialist this question I doubt that you will get a reasonable answer, if he is honest with himself he might reply that he does not believe in the possibility of life after death because it suits him to believe that death is the end.


As I already mentioned the Realist holds both options open.


Now what about the Conscious Thinker? He holds all the possibilities open but also has a number of premises on which he can base his convictions.


The Human Will is a powerful force, an enormous concentration of energy and according to all accepted tenets of Physics energy always exists it may change into another form but it does not disappear from existence.


One has only to observe Nature to realise that death is nothing if not an illusion. The simple life forms may seem to die in the winter but in the spring they reappear!


By most Peoples, even those that are found seemingly so far away that any contact with another Culture is impossible, the belief in Life after Death has formed a part of the Livings Philosophy of the Culture.


In the Parapsychology it is an accepted fact that the Spirit is able to leave the body and exist on its own as a complete unit. It does not need the body to ensure its survival, but he body needs the Spirit in order to survive.

Thousands of people, from all conceivable cultures around the world have experienced the phenomenon of the Near Death Experience, where by they experience the feeling of standing outside themselves and looking back at their body lying unconscious before them.


Knowing all these things the Conscious Thinker, even if he does not accept them in their entirety, uses them to base his belief in the theory of the possibility of a living after death.


The difference between the Conscious thinker and the person who is not yet so far is, in the following pages is described in a very black/white context this has only been done to illustrate more clearly the difference in mental states experienced by someone who uses "Conscious thinking "and someone who has not yet reached this point in his development. I am in no means trying to condemn anyone who does not concur with my meaning but I consider it my duty to reveal another way of thinking one which in my view is very suited to helping my fellow man to achieve happiness in his life now and here after.


With such strong indications the Conscious Thinker is obliged to seriously think about his responsibilities to the World both present and future and his duty to honour these responsibilities.


The Materialist with his limited vision does not feel called to share this responsibility and feel free to pamper to his longing for material comforts of this life, his house, automobile, vacations and carrier to the exclusion of all else. He is like a worker at a business that is in bankruptcy and this is his last workday before the business closes its doors forever.


Is this wholly materialistic mentality really so disastrous for our Society? Are we to view this as debilitating and uncontrollable sickness? Unfortunately, in my opinion we must! Understand me well material possessions are not in itself not a bad thing if we realise that material possession are only meant as an aid in this life to enable us to grow in our spiritual growth. The danger that is concealed in our working to achieve material possessions is that this becomes a goal in itself and we forget what the real goal in holds.


Material possessions are material and are bound by the very nature of their substance, their ability to bring luck or happiness is limited and the materialist must there fore be continually trying to achieve this happiness, which it cannot give by striving continually for even more material things. They can never be satisfied and are always disappointed.


How are we to end this overwhelming hunger for material things? Can our Politicians do anything about it? They cannot, they tell us because this is a matter of mentality and so outside of their competency. Can we turn to the world’s religions for help? Yes if they are prepared to enter a discussion with non-believers, but the religions are increasingly unable to initiate a discussion and even when they do try it has no bearing on a healthy understanding or common sense.


Materialism is fed by the greed that men feel on coveting comfort and this is fed by the advertising that businesses use in their sales pitch in the direction of the costumer.


The only way to call a halt to this trend of materialism is based on The Conscious Thinking but this philosophy has to be adopted by all world religions political parties and in the world of education. However before we can convince everyone to adopt this philosophy they have to be convinced that materialism is a contagious and debilitating sickness.


I am afraid that the world has to be at death’s door before the sickness is recognised as such and we will be ready to accept and use the proscribed medicine of Conscious Thinking.


Yet if we are able to convince the Authorities of the availability and effectiveness of our medicine, "The Conscious Thinking", we might be on the way to a cure.


The Conscious Thinking is not affiliated to any particular Religion or Political Party, nor is it affiliated to any established Philosophy or Political Ideology. The Conscious Thinking is universal and available to all who will think about the level he wants to reach his spiritual development .it detracts nothing from the person but adds to his value as a person. You do not have to work to achieve the benefits offered by the Conscious Thinking, only to accept the fact that the possibility exists that there just might possibly be "Life after Death".


I would like to call out to all peoples of the world –


Do not deny the possibility that after you die the spirit lives on!