By NOT excluding the possibility

Of your living on after your death

Your humanity emerges more and more

And your personality will be expanded


Your view on life will enlarge then

Your feelings of responsibility will increase

You awake from a tangible slumber

And you get down more to the sacred


Materialism will be losing control of you more and more

So you start feeling freer and more peaceful

You’ll become more self-reliant and soft too

And you concentrate on higher goals of life


For your fellow men you will get more feelings

And for nature you will get more respect

Your life gets a higher goal

Because you discover depth yourself


Your humanity emerges more and more

And your personality will be expanded

By not excluding the possibility

Of your living on after your death




Life poem by Giel Heymans




The materialist forgets

That he doesn’t know at all

What will happens to his spirit

When his body ‘has gone’


It’s not impossible

(That he may have forgotten)

That his life will go on

Is quite possible!


Invisible, for his spirit

Has not been visible now too

It may only be appearances

That death will be the end of life




Life poem by Giel Heymans










Do you consider your spirit as immortal

Then you feel responsible too

For the effects of what you are doing now

And for the mistakes that you will once have to amend for




Life poem by Giel Heymans




Everything that lives

That breathes and gives warmth

Will continue to exist for ever

Will never get lost


When the body has given up

The spirit will continue living

The dead body will grow stiff

But the vitality will remain


The spirit is immortal

The body is short-life

When this will give up

Yet the spirit will continue to live


Eternal is life

But dying takes only a short time

Any one who considers it a transition

He isn’t afraid of this


You are a life force

Energy of the highest power

Energy that can indeed sophisticate

But that can never disappear




Life poem by Giel Heymans




Your death is certainly not your end

Bear that in mind, in future

So, dying is not as it seems to be

But it is a transition to another existence


Also responsibility about what you did

Does not stop when you die

The consequences of caused pain

Will follow you to that next existence




Life poem by Giel Heymans




In fact,

materialism is also a belief

It is, actually, more a loss

We are deaf for the spirit


We only believe what we see

But then we forget who looks

And we don’t see that viewer

As the eye doesn’t reach that far.


We’d rather deny the spirit

And see a human being as a computer

We prefer to run away from it

And to make it unimportant as well


People have only faith in what can be measured

And in what we can enjoy now

In social and comprehensible phenomena

And the spirit…. is what we ignore


People don’t believe in a life to come

As this ‘can’t be proved’

So they‘re not interested at all

In muffing that future


However, ..… we can’t prove too

That a life to come doesn’t exist

And the spirit doesn’t travel further

When the body is going to dye


That POSSIBILITY is excluded

Pretending to know this for sure

So, this is a believe and a decision

It’s just to let you know that you won’t forget this




Life poem by Giel Heymans




Living further after death, true or not true

We can believe in it and hope on it

Or we believe: I only live for a short moment now

But the wise man or woman leaves the two possibilities open


However, who says that nothing exists for certain then

He doesn’t know what he is talking about

So, do not exclude the possibility of

Your life going on after your death!




Life poem by Giel Heymans




If we are going to believe more

That our life will continue

(On earth or ‘above’)

It would prove very helpful to us already now


Living further after death

If you believe in that

Your existence will be expanded

And the power of matter be killed


But your escape route will disappear too

If you‘d like to kill yourself

For your life has no end

And your grief doesn’t submerge


But also your own responsibility

Doesn’t end anymore when you die

In life is justice

So, you will inherit the consequences of your doing


Believing in a further life

Will certainly enrich your life

It will give depth and sense

This is the way people should look at it




Life poem by Giel Heymans




My partner and I believe

That we‘ll go on living ‘above’

When we are finished here

We believe in this miracle


The miracle that really exists

That your life goes on

Further and further also after your death

Yes, that makes our life great


This believe is realism

Is cleverer than materialism

For energy never gets lost

What dies here, will be born there


People who have been near-death

Had experiences with their spirits

Having flown out of their bodies

Which they saw with their spiritual eyes


Also in nature is no ‘stop’

Winters are followed by summers

And each night is followed by a day

So that everything and everyone can grow


Also our love will shine for ever

And will never disappear into nothingness

And our will of power will always come back

Of this no one can provide proof to the evidence



Life poem by Giel Heymans





Materialistic Lifestyle


The materialistic person often forgets,

or he has no idea

what happens to his soul

when his body deteriorates.

Maybe he does not even think about it

never even considers

that maybe, just maybe

he lives on after death,

in a state which, without faith ,

is difficult to understand.

The soul cannot be seen with

eyes which we have in this earthly body,

yet even so we must believe,

that death is not the end;

Just an illusion!




Nothing Just Simply Disappears


Knowing that the Spirit lives forever

brings responsibilities.

You must accept that you will be called

to account for your actions.

You will have to pay for the

faults you make, in this life

and so will live in a manner

which is acceptable

to yourself and all around you.




Living is Life


Every living thing,

everything that breathes,

that gives off warmth

shall live forever;

Shall never completely

cease to exist.

When the body dies

the Spirit lives on.

The corpus returns to

the earth from whence it came,

but the Essence of life,

the Soul as you wilt,

cannot die

but lives on forever.

Dying happens in about one second;

One who knows it is

just a passing over

from one state to another

is not afraid

but greets death as a friend.


You are a life force,

energy of the highest form.

Energy can change its appearance

but it never ceases to exist.



Living On


Your death does not mean your end;

Believe this and you will see

that all your life’s questions

will be answered in a manner

that is in keeping with this


Death will hold no power over you

because you know the truth.

Death is not the end

And your faults, made in this

state of existence

must finally be paid in full

now or in another life.



Another Belief


The materialistic way of life

is also a form of faith

or should we say a lack of faith.

The materialist sees only

what he wishes to see,

he sees with his bodily eyes,

He does not hear his spiritual voice

Will take no notice of

the promptings of something he cannot see

or touch or smell.

Maybe he wants

to deny the existence of his inner self.

He sees man as a computer,

something restricted to the physical,

made up of materials found here on earth.

He won’t accept that man is also spiritual

because then he would have to live

as the spiritual reality requires of him

in harmony with himself and the world around him.

He wants to deny his responsibility

to the world and to himself,

so he declares his faith;

"If it can’t stand the tests of science

as we know them, it cannot exist!"

The materialist sees only what he chooses to see

but I say to him,

"Science has never been able to prove

That life after death is not possible."

He must seriously consider the possibility

That there is life after death!




If you Believe


If someone believes

that his life goes on

on earth or in heaven,

he can only be a winner.

If he believes,

then he increases his

humanity one hundredfold

and reduces his materialism

that which hinders his belief

in the reality of this philosophy,

the way of the true life.


When he accepts this Belief,

his slavery to the materialistic life

is cut off

and he accepts that all he does now

will be his own responsibility.

He shuts the door that can lead

to suicide because he knows

and accepts that he, in this life or the next

will still be held responsible for all his actions.

He will try his best to live

in the way he always should

showing respect for all things around him.




We Believe


My partner and I believe

that our death is not the end

we will continue to live

after our present lives are ended,

in heaven or in another form

right here on this great earth.


We firmly believe in this wonder,

that live goes on and on;

Yes, this belief enhances our livings

makes our time here worth while.


This is the belief of realism

not of materialism

and we know this for sure

so we will live as we know we should,

while waiting for what will come

and death will hold no dread for us;

For us death is the open door to life!




Leave it in the Middle


Life after death, yes or no

You can believe, you can hope

You may believe that this life is all there is

But the wise man leaves all options open


The one who says: I‘m sure that there’s no life after death

Is not sure about it and doesn’t positively know

And doesn’t know what he is missing

Please don’t that deny the possibility exists

That your life proceeds after you die

Otherwise you will miss out on what living really is



New Reality

(a new way of thinking for a better world)


When you can accept that death is not the end,

That life goes on though in a different way

Then you can accept what this life has to offer

And have peace and freedom to live in your own way

Your soul sleeps not but is wide awake

You are not deceived but material pleasures

You approach the world in a kind and understanding way

And waste no time in pursuit of material or temporary pleasures


When the New Reality becomes your way of life

You live in peace with nature and with your fellow man

Knowing that your true reward comes later,

in the time of life which follows after earthly death.



copyright : Giel Heijmans